LN2 Deliveries and its utilization?

LN2 Deliveries and its utilization? 

LN2 Deliveries are the type of deliveries in liquid nitrogen. Dewar vessels are utilized; these are special containers keeping temperatures down to -196 ° C. All vessels comply with international requirements and can be used for dangerous goods truck delivery.

Today, there are various types of cryovessels designed for storage and transportation of biological and medical products and samples in a liquid nitrogen (e.g., components of a bacterial cells and cytoplasm, semen, bone marrow, blood plasma, etc.). Also, freezing and transportation of stem cells, tissues for biological research and animal embryos often happens.

When medical materials are shipped, sterile cryocontainers are used; these are having screwed lid in the delivery set. Using cheaper Dewar vessels may also be an option, but to ship biomaterials they are to be additionally sterilized.

Cryovessels propreties

Containers with liquid nitrogen are of two types: those for long-term storage or those of increased capacity. Regarding the design, there are vessels with external and internal threads. The cap and walls of the tubes must be made of the same material with the same thermal expansion coefficient.

General properties of these containers:

  • Stability at +121 ~ - 196 0С.
  • Several days’ transportation and storage in a cryogenic environment possibility.
  • Dewar vessels material is non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Withstand overpressure while being defrosted.

LN2 Deliveries services

Liquid nitrogen transportation is compliant to GCP, quality management system, and GDP standard being a guidance document for drug distributors. Along with the strict compliance with the regulations, we guarantee the following:

  • concerted efforts of logisticians;
  • full time control over the cargo movement;
  • rapid cargo delivery;
  • experienced employees who handle hazardous cargo (infected materials, new form of influenza virus biosamples, etc.);
  • customs clearance and insurance.

In addition to transport services, LN2 Delivery implies regulatory support, i.e. we guarantee compliance with all the regulatory requirements in regards of clinical development of the product.

Clinical trial materials’ transportation plan is jointly developed with the customer, as well as LN2 Deliveries conditions