Recall & Reject & Destruction

Globe Medical organize Recall and Return procedures in accordance with Russian legislation and GxP requirements. After receipt of the materials, they should be verified by quantitative and qualitative characteristics and placed in a special quarantine storage area.

  • Return, Recall of unused and used materials;
  • Receipt of returned materials by Site List;
  • Storage of returned / recalled materials in Quarantine Zone;
  • Urgent delivery from the Sites;


Globe Medical organize Destruction of Medicines/Materials in accordance with Russian legislation and GxP requirements. Upon the Destruction all materials are stored in a special area (Destruction Zone), which have limited access of an authorized employees.

Globe Medical have direct contracts with Destructors. All Destruction processes are confirmed with special sertificates.

All materials with different classes of danger, including contaminated biological samples and toxic substances, are accepted for Destruction. Globe Medical provides compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.

  • Verification and reconcillation of materials / medicines before Destruction;
  • Storage in special restricted zone;
  • Confirmation of Destruction;
  • Direct contracts with Destructors.

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