Thermolabile drug shipments

Perishable products require specific shipment conditions. These comprise not only the drugs but also meat, fruits and milky derivatives. We render thermolabile shipments services for reasonable cost.

A key link in the supply chain is a customs broker, especially if the shipment has increased requirements for transportation. We are talking about the temperature regime, which must be strictly observed. As quality of the delivered medicines depends on the conditions that are maintained during transportation, our role is assistance with reducing the timelines for customs clearance, and deliver of goods to the final recipient as quick as possible.

The issue of transportation and storage of medicines and vaccines in the "cold chain" mode is topical all over the world. The main task for delivery with temperature regime in the territory of the Russian Federation is the sufficiently large distances between the sender and the recipient and poor accessibility of some areas. The difference in temperatures at the points of departure and destination may occure over 10 Degrees, that can not be anticipated in advance.

Globe Medical provides a range of services for the pharmaceutical industry in express delivery of biological samples.

Globe Medical specializes in providing the full range of logistics services required for Clinical Trials. The local Depot is the departure point for the distribution of Study drugs and materials within the Russia and in the terms of international supplies.

Globe Medical provides services for transportation of biomaterials in liquid nitrogen in Dewar’s. and special vehicles. The Dewar’s are contain test tubes filled with liquid nitrogen, which provides storage with temperatures at -196 ° C.

Globe Medical provides services for transportation of temperature shipments in accordance with the latest instructions of SNIP (sanitary rules), GDP requirements and other requirements for transportation of medicines and vaccines.