Cold Chain

The issue of transportation and storage of medicines and vaccines in the "cold chain" mode is topical all over the world. The main task for delivery with temperature regime in the territory of the Russian Federation is the sufficiently large distances between the sender and the recipient and poor accessibility of some areas. The difference in temperatures at the points of departure and destination may occure over 10 Degrees, that can not be anticipated in advance.

For transportation of temperature shipments we use special thermo-boxes, which allows us to maintain the required temperature regime within the prescribed timelines up to 3 days.

We use certified and accepted for transportation in all airports of the Russian Federation thermo-boxes. Globe Medical provide you with internationally certified thermo-containers (Kodiak, USA; Laminar Medica, EU; Olivo (EU); Credo (USA); Thermocont, Jupiter, Russia), as well as temperature loggers (TempTale 4; Sensitech; Libero Ti1 / Elpro; Testo).

Our clients can be calm for observing the temperature regime and safety of the materials for the whole delivery.

We ensure a quick and safety transportation solution for deliveries within Russia and international deliveries.