Globe Medical provides services for transportation of temperature shipments in accordance with the latest instructions of SNIP (sanitary rules), GDP requirements and other requirements for transportation of medicines and vaccines.

Cold chain equipment

We pay great attention to the equipment used in the transportation of temperature shipments. Such equipment for monitoring and maintaining the temperature regime, have to be used: thermo-containers, cool packs, temperature loggers, refrigeration equipment for cars and so on. Usage of such equipment requires constant monitoring, repair and commissioning, and is associated with some limitations and permissions to work with it.

Validation. All equipment have passed the initial validation stages, which are necessary for its safe operations (DQ / IQ / OQ). Further monitoring and collection of data obtained during operation, is necessary for further evaluation.

Temperature loggers allows to maintain of 60 measurements per hour with an error in measurements not exceeding ± 0.5 ⁰С. That is corresponds to SP "Conditions of transportation and storage of immunobiological medicinal products". We organize transportation wit maintaining the following temperature regimes: -25º С…+25º С.

1 ton
Hyundai Porter 2
1-4 pallets
1,5 – 3 tons
Fiat Ducato
From 5 to 8 pallets
5 tons
Iveco Eurocargo ML
15 pallets
10 tons
20 pallets