Supply of reagents and reference standards

Importation of medicines in the Russian Federation has always been a time-consuming process. Competition at the Russian market of medicines requires an operative solution of all logistics tasks. Delays with delivery of samples for clinical trials / preclinical researches may delay the start of sales.

Globe Medical, along with its customers, are interested in optimizing the process of purchasing and reducing the delivery timelines.

Globe Medical provides services for the supply of:.

  1. pharmaceutical substances;
  2. biological materials (tissue and organ cuts, including infected ones);
  3. cell bank lines;
  4. analytical chromatographic columns for HPLC;
  5. samples of unregistered biologically active additives (BAA) and vitamins;
  6. medical products, including those that are classified as dangerous and require special conditions for transportation and storage (IATA dangerous goods, UN classification).

Delivery of samples / standards includes the following services:

  • Obtaining approvals for importation/exportation;
  • Packaging the materials with Cold-Chain requirements;
  • Customs clearance and “hand to hand” delivery;
  • Storage within required temperature regime.

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