Named patient program

Importation of unregistered medicinal products under “NPP” program is regulated by MOH order # 61-FZ (Chapter 9, point 3) and Government Decree # 771 from September 29, 2010 (paragraph 10).

Importation of a specific lot of unregistered drugs is allowed on the basis of the Ministry of Health approval (Import License).

Globe Medical assist with obtaining of Import License and deliver the medication directly to the patient, in accordance with the requirements specified above.

Doctors and patients have access to unregistered drugs, which are well established abroad.

Globe Medical successfully supplies such medications both to the Federal medical centers and directly to the patient, also help pharmaceutical companies to find their patients.

Importation under NPP can be maintained as Express delivery with required Customs clearance. These medicines are designed to help patients, and exempt from payment of value added tax, customs duties and customs payments.

Globe Medical provides full cycle NPP services:

  • Obtaining of import license;
  • Purchasing of medicines;
  • Delivery and customs clearance.

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