Thermolabile drug shipments

Thermolabile drug shipments

Thermolabile shipments

Perishable products require specific shipment conditions. These comprise not only the drugs but also meat, fruits and milky derivatives. We render thermolabile shipments services for reasonable cost.


  • No temperature limits excursions.
  • Full service and all types logistics services.
  • Advanced shipment tracking system.
  • Vast experience in the field.
  • Maintaining the temperature for up to 250 hours.
  • Protection from UV rays and mechanical damage.

Main tricks of the thermolabile shipments

Any drugs must be shipped with definite temperature and humidity regimen; thus, the trucks are equipped with the thermologgers. Thermal regimen is specified in the drug information leaflet; its observation is essential for the drug life period. These may be as follows:

  • Cooled (-5 to -1 оС).
  • Ambient (no temperature range is specified).
  • Frozen (-6 оС and lower).
  • Refrigerated (0 to 15 оС).

To arrange thermolabile shipment, shipper must provide labelled and packed goods with all the necessary documents. Our specialist will help you to prepare and pack and loading of the goods; refrigerator will be sealed.

Types of vehicles used

Thermolabile drug shipments are performed using trucks with refrigerators capable to maintain -30 °С to +30 °С temperature regardless off the environment conditions outside. 

These measures ensure cargo safety even in case of long-distance deliveries.

Isothermal insulated vans can also be used. These vehicles have a sealed heat-insulated compartment, letting long-time set temperature maintenance. This option is used in case of short-distance deliveries.


We care much of the quality of the services rendered, thus, our vans and trucks are to be strictly compliant with the following:

  • Strict technical service schedule
  • Visual control before each run
  • Cleaning, ventilation, disinfection of the vehicle body after each unloading.
  • Periodic defrosting of the refrigerator in compliance with sanitary requirements.

To get thermolabile drug shipments of different types and volumes and temperature conditions or additional advice please apply online or call us directly (please see our contacts on our web-site).