Moscow airports customs: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo. We will arrange your customs clearance

Moscow airports customs: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo. We will arrange your customs clearance 

Customs clearance services

Our Company renders services of full customs clearance in Moscow airports. Since the procedure is strictly regulated and any non-compliance may lead to penalties, it would be better if performed by us; no need for you to study legislative provisions or facing red tapes.

Procedure of customs clearance in the airport

Goods’ customs clearance is necessary to control the goods crossing the border of the Russian Federation. In addition, customs clearance allows checking goods’ quantity and quality compliance, perform document consignment, classify the shipment or determine its composition.

The procedure for customs clearance is regulated by the norms of the Customs Code of the EAEU, and Federal Law of the Russian Federation and order of the Russian Federal Customs Service. To avoid mistakes with the customs, it is essential to be aware of all the legislative changes and thoroughly know the law.

Moscow airports customs

In Sheremetyevo, customs control and operations are performed by 4 departments with over 340 associates employed. In Moscow, Sheremetyevo customs is of the highest pass-through capacity

We are also in close cooperation with Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports’ customs. Beside some common features, every airport possesses its own peculiarities to be definitely accounted for. In Moscow airpots, customs terminals are of three types, e.g., cargo terminals, mail terminals and aviation terminals (online customs).

Sheremetyevo customs associatesSheremetyevo customs associates
Domodedovo customsDomodedovo customs
Vnukovo customsVnukovo customs

Timely application for our services for customs documents processing may shorten the time limits of customs import or outbound clearance. Our managers will calculate the service cost with all the fees accounted and will help to insure the goods. Air shipment is classified as expedited, thus having some peculiarities within the clearance process:

  • Need for rapid goods declaring
  • Prompt approvals’ issue
  • Some specific features for air shipments

In customs of Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, standard time of goods arrangement is 5-6 hours. Our associates are duly qualified; thus, all the actions will be performed timely with no delays or issues.

Why us?

  • Benefit – duly arranged cooperation with the airports’ customs is cost-advantageous for the Customers.
  • Quality – top-level service based on our vast experience in the field.
  • Convenience - we are responsible for the entire customs clearance process in close connection with the Customer. We deal with any goods, including those of veterinary nature.
  • Reliability - we are transparent, well-organized and well equipped technically, that helps us always to be prompt and timely.

To get full customs clearance service rendered, or to get further information please call us or apply on-line.