New vaccine against rotaviral disease to spare  thousands of lives

In Africa, Niger scientists introduced novel vaccine against diarrheal disease caused by rotavirus.

Investigational study revealed new vaccine to be effective, safe and easy to use. Experts believe this vaccine to be used more often as compared to those have been registered already.

New vaccine is very important since rotaviral causes serious gastrointestinal infection and may be fatal. Annually it causes over 215 000 children’s deaths

Currently, two vaccines against rotaviral disease are marketed, however they are expensive and difficult to use, e.g., to be stored in refrigerators only. However, in many African countries where people suffer from rotavirus, refrigerators are unreliable due to periodic lack of electricity. As a result, existing rotavirus vaccines are not widely used.

Scientists continue working on vaccine against BRV-PV strain. Recently it was studied in small children in Niger country. 1780 children were given vaccine and only 31 kid showed the disease progression. Scientists bandy about 67% efficacy in clinical trials.

The results are published in The New England Journal of Medicine.