The scientific journal published information about the verification of vaccines from the Sinopharm covid

The scientific journal published information about the verification of vaccines from the Sinopharm covid

Being a drug manufacturer in China, Sinopharm, published the details of its coronavirus vaccine studies in a scientific journal. Studies revealed that the vaccines do not have serious side effects, and their efficacy is estimated at 70%. However, some significant findings were still noted.

WIV04 vaccine’s efficacy was 72.8%, HBO2 - 78.1%. Both drugs were manufactured by China National Biotec Group Co, a division of the renowned pharmaceutical company Sinopharm.

Study results were published in a special scientific journal. This case is the first time that Chinese manufacturer published scientific study information on vaccines against COVID-19.

It is known that 40,832 volunteers from Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain were enrolled in the study. They received either placebo or vaccine (twice), with a 3 week-interval. After 2 weeks after the next component was introduced, 21 case of COVID-19 infection was registred in HBO2 vaccine group, and 26 cases in WIV04 vaccine group. The disease was not of severe course.

Severe consequences were registered found in only 0.4-0.6% of the volunteers. Moderate and mild side effects were registered in 41.7% of WIV04 vaccine group, and in 46.5% of HBO2 vaccine group.

Among the shortcomings of the study, it was noted that the majority of the volunteers were males (approximately 85%). Only 2% of the participants were aged over 60. Vast majority of them did not have concomitant diseases. In other words, the drug’s efficacy for other citizens and people with concomitant diseases remains unproven. In other words, it is not possible to fully support the vaccines efficacy. Additional studies are required to complete the picture.

The effectiveness data is supported by earlier provided information. But their scientific support is provided quite recently.

The use of Chinese drugs is performed under the vaccination program in developing countries. Over 380 million doses have been shipped already.

However, after confirmed COVID-10 cases after vaccination, as well as the uncertainty of the trials, the trust to the drugs has been compromised. Associates and the Ministry of Health did not pay due attention to the issue. This was the reason that the WHO did not approve their use. Only one Sinopharm vaccine was approved, this month only.

Применение препаратов из Китая происходит по программе вакцинации, как правило, в развивающихся странах. Изготовителем распространено порядка 380 миллионов доз. Однако, после того как появились случаи заболевания Ковид-10 после введения вакцины, а также непрозрачность испытаний подорвали доверие к препаратам. Люди и Министерство Здравоохранения не выказали им должного внимания. Именно это послужило тому, что ВОЗ не дала разрешение на использование препаратов. Только одна из вакцин Sinopharm была одобрена, и то лишь в этом месяце.