International digital platform for clinical trials named Wirano expected

International digital platform for clinical trials named Wirano expected 

Recently, news broke about Wirano - international digital platform for clinical trials launched by PF Rus, LLC. Mainly it is aimed at making convenient collaboration and communication of all the parties involved in the business, e.g., pharmaceutical companies, scientists, doctors and patients.

Nowadays, competent and effective clinical trial management is a task being time- and resource consuming. Main challenges here are lack of due methods and tools for patients’ selection. Beyond that, clinical trials’ conductors face difficulties while selecting study sites who possess precise information on patients’ enrollment. Currently, there is no such database comprising sites all over the world. Inevitably, there is a lack of due and safe communication with the study sites’ teams.

One of the Wirano founders Andrey Tarakanov  states that clinical studies’ management has many imperfections, e.g., time period from start-up to first patient enrolled covers over 6 months. Nearly 50% of all the studies cannot complete enrollment in time. Notably, one-day delay is a one-million damage for the pharmaceutical companies, resulting in enormous outlays. All these factors contribute to high prices of the drugs and their availability for patients.

Wirano is to settle all these issues. Being a modular system, it includes profiles and dashboards of all the process participants, e.g., doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies and contract-research organizations. Several options are available, web-based and mobile application.  

Platform is developed by experienced team, who are engaged in clinical trials for >20 years. Wirano founders have to their credit many international projects, CromosPhama being an example.

As of now, pre-seed round of finding is over, partly owing to team members investments. Outer investments are now being sought for, and the investors are to be impressed by the foolowing milestones completed: the platform architecture has already been worked out in detail, and basic modules have been developed. Another good news is two international patents relating to the main user interface. The team’s main ambitions are far-reaching, e.g., in 2021, it is planned to get 9 more patents.

On top of that, separate patients’ module is developed, and their enrollment will start before the New Year. In 2021, Sponsors and study sites will be engaged. Further, it is planned to expand to other counties and global market; Irish representative office of Wirano will contribute to the ambition.