87,3 billion of pharmaceutical ingredients imported to Russia

87,3 billion of pharmaceutical ingredients imported to Russia 

First half of 2020 revealed significant amount of 87,3 billion of active pharmaceutical ingredients imported to Russia. Compared to last year, 54% increase is evidenced.

At that RNC Pharma, analytical agency, reports slow increase of physical quantity, 25% dynamics is reported. Since January 2020, nearly 7,3 thousand tons of the said substance were imported to Russia.

By-country dynamics

By-country dynamics of pharmaceutical supplies is of particular note. Specifically, Macao, Mexica and Malaysia are on top; their values are 4.4, 6.4 and 12.9 times as much, correspondingly. However, it is noteworthy that small amount of supplied substances is implied. From some countries, only one ingredient was exported. Japan has similar values. Notably, in monetary terms supplies increased 6,5 times as much, whereas physical quantity these are decreased by as much as 42%. This is caused by a product line change. For example, low-cost substances are no longer imported or have significantly lower amounts. On the contrary, expensive ingredients supplies demonstrate significant increase. 

In monetary terms, KRKA-Rus has a strong lead; they demonstrate 1,8-fold increase of bulk substance import, and this change made Servier second in the list. Import values of the French company showed 13% decrease.

The highest growth rate is demonstrated by Astra-Zeneca Industries. Importing enterprise faced a 36,3-fold increase in monetary ruble terms; at that, only two substances are focused on. Second comes domestic company Biocom; their values increased 17 times as much. That is achieved due to importation of substances highly sought within COVID-19 pandemic.