Drug import in Russia: main tricks

The essence here is Federal Law #61 dated 12 April 2010 “On Drugs’ Circulation” which fully depicts and characterizes the term, specifying the substances that may be relevant. Specifically, substances for diagnostics and prophylaxis are also named. Also, specific requirements of the Russian Government and Customs are to be observed. Notably, these import measures are clearly stipulated that reveals Government’s involvement in the topic.

Phases of the drugs and bio-products studies

Bioproducts are those made of living sources and comprise blood components, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and reactive proteins. Molecules of the active components are bigger as compared to those of other type drugs. Most common route of administration of these drugs is intra-venous (IV)

Russian vaccines against COVID-19 currently clinically trialed

In June 17, 2020 Russian Ministry of Health’s representative reported that anti-COVID-19 vaccines entered a clinical trial phase in FSBI Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei. Clinical Trial approval was obtained the day before

Special features of biosamples’ delivery to laboratory

Samples delivery for laboratory testing is performed using either containers or cooling bags or boxes. If duly observed, shipping rules may greatly contribute to accurate results. Choosing GLOBE MEDICAL you may opt for analyses delivery to laboratory